In Tom Franco's own words, a short video by FYLMKID Steven Chillous:

In 2005 Tom Franco co-founded and later, in 2009 became the chief executive director for the Firehouse Art Collective in Berkeley CA, a not for profit company, providing spaces for artists of all disciplines to co-create community and current culture.

The organisational function changed from a Collective to an Art Collaborative in 2012.

The Firehouse Art Collaborative's five Northern California East Bay Area locations house: gallery and public art exhibits, curated live art events, open studio art walks, performance theater, workshops, lectures, artist studios, film club movie nights, live music rehearsal spaces and events, living spaces and local organic gourmet foods.

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The Firehouse Art Co's Mission: The Firehouse Art Co is a non profit project, directed by Tom Franco and Julia Lazar, providing spaces for artists to co create currency, and a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Tom Franco photo by Tommy Lau

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